Placement of the Burner

The Vamparossa burner enters the oven dome through a hole in the floor of the oven which is located on the left or right-hand side of the oven at the back in either a 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock position.

The burner is then attached and fixed below the floor of the oven with the burner sleeve protruding through the hole into the oven.

The control switch should be fixed to the front of the oven, where it is easy to keep an eye on the flame while making the necessary adjustments.

All Vamparossa gas burners are UL listed suitable for commercial or residential use, inside or outside.

Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Gas Burner Installation Tutorial

Installing in New Ovens

This is a breeze! When building the base for the oven, leave a hole for the sleeve.  If you’re buying a kit, tell your manufacturer you want a Vamparossa gas burner.

Retrofit to Existing Ovens

Create a hole in the floor of the pizza oven, according to the size of the burner sleeve. For example, a 4.5″ hole will be sufficient for a single burner.