Step 1: Select Your Burner Size

Choose a Size for Gas Burner Conversion

ul gas listed

All Vamparossa gas burners are UL listed suitable for commercial or residential use, inside or outside.

Step 2: Select Your Burner Type

Choose a Size for Gas Burner Conversion

Automatic E Series

The temperature is set on a display and the gas will come on as required. Also features a manual over-ride and a boost setting to increase temperature quickly. Requires 110v power.

  • Enter desired temperature on the display
  • Boost temperature when needed
  • Manual override when needed
  • Set and forget operation
  • Temperature reading
  • Use indoor or outdoor

Manual M Series

The push-button pilot is easily lit with a high-voltage spark. Turning a dial sets flame to high or low until the setting is changed. The flame remains at the setting until changed. Does not require electrical power.

  • Easy push button start
  • No power required
  • Lower price
  • Use indoor or outdoor
manual m series