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  • Gas Burners


  • Gas Burners


  • Gas Burners


Easy to Install

  1. Create a hole through the floor of the oven,
  2. Attach the burner, and connect to gas.
  3. All the connections you need are included.
  4. As the flame circulates in the dome it warms the entire oven.
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All Vamparossa gas burners are UL listed suitable for commercial or residential use, inside or outside.

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What Folks are Saying

I purchased the Model M-1 gas appliance from Vamparossa approximately a year ago. Since installing the appliance in my outdoor Forno Bravo 39” Artigiano wood-fired pizza oven we have enjoyed cooking in three different modes: gas only, aged wood only and a combination of wood and gas. From our experience, the most enjoyable way to cook pizza and many other foods including meats, bread and certain vegetables, is to use a combination of natural gas fire and limited quantities of aged wood (oak, hickory, cherry, etc.) The wood is added to the cooking surface just before the desired temperature is achieved (typically 650F-750F) creating a limited amount of smoke to permeate the food as it is cooked. Cooking in a wood fired oven only is also very effective but the wood fire gives off a large amount of smoke and particles at startup, before the oven is sufficiently heated. The smoke can be disturbing to nearby or surrounding neighbors if it permeates their ventilation system. Since there is no way to control the wind direction and force when you decide to cook in the pizza oven, the gas option can be used with great success (i.e., no complaints from the neighbors or calls to the local fire department). I highly recommend adding the Vamparossa gas burner option as part of your pizza oven experience.
Ron S
Saratoga, California

Automatic or Manual

Automatic E Series

  • Enter desired temperature on the display
  • Set and forget operation
  • Temperature reading
  • Use indoor or outdoor

Manual M Series

  • Easy push button start
  • No power required
  • Use indoor or outdoor
manual m series

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